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I had a fairly nice Momma's Day. I was sick most of the week, still today too but at work. I had head colds. :P But Matthew got me some liquid cold med that you drink from what looks like a little bucket. It has been working though it makes me feel all medicated and floaty.

My dad in law came over and cooked shrimp and pasta. It was sooooo good. Yes, the girlfriend came over for the first time to my house of wonders too. The thing is, we have nothing in common, nothing. She doesn't watch old movies, she doesn't read anything that I would, she knows nothing about any TV shows I watch.
So there is really nothing to talk about. She did think I was a huge Johnny Depp fan until I pointed out that the things I do have are from Pirates, being a huge PotC fan.
But I was nice and civil and she and dad brought over a peanut butter cup Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

I being nice see? :) Though I wanted to finish my day in my recliner with blanket and kindle watching the Mother Lode marathon on TCM. (I had to explain what "I Remember Mama" was about and who was in it. I just wanted to watch the damn movie.)

K got a new bike, she needed a taller one, but the inner tube popped the first day she rode it. Took it back with receipt to get that fixed.
Beth is still working on learning to ride without training wheels. Nick some how wore his front tire out and got a new one.

I got loads of homemade cards and gifts from the horde. (Silk roses in plastic bottles cover in tissue vases from the twins and a sun reflector of flowers that K made. I love them all so much!!!!) Also bought me a birdie knit pillow I liked from Wal Mart. They my coffee and sausage biscuit. It was a good day even though I almost dozed off in church. lol.

New True Blood!!!! next month! New Promo:)

Also gotta nail down some free time so I can tell my mom to come over to watch the horde so Matthew and I can go see Star Trek. But it is the last week of Greek School, swimming, Girl Scouts, and various field trips starting this week. But dammit I want to go! :)

Now I am getting out to lunch with Matthew at the Sunrise Inn.
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So this morning I was greeted by a Grey Kitty (that would be Thunder) at the back patio door with breakfast. He had a dead chipmunk in his mouth and seriously wanted me to let him in with said dead animal. I would not let him in, so Thunder then proceeded to play with the dead thing for about 10 minutes on the patio.

He then came in with tail straight in the air leaving his offering outside.

oy. lol.

I am getting my hair done at my hairdresser/friend's house today since her babysitter fell through. I am a bit anxious about this, I am not one to like going to a strange house. It is an issue I have and will get over it but feeling a bit anxious right now.

Also this driver for Blake Transport is an idiot and can't seem to back up to one of our two docks out front. He is a driver I have not seen before. Another Oy.
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So you can cross post on Dreamwidth and I picked LJ of course and trying it out:)

First a pic: Photobucket

I am very excited about the new Ironman movie, didn't think I would be until this, the first photo, was released.

I was uber busy at work and the day did fly by. This ia Greek food fest this weekend at the St. D's community center to raise money for the dance troupe. K is dancing Sunday too.

Supernatural and Bones were both so good last night. I need to catch up on Fringe on Oh and Disney has come to a deal with Hulu so ABC shows current and past will now be available there as well as Disney movies and Disney Channel shows.

I got a bunch of Topps Obama trading cards with my new issue of Wizard mag. Also a list of must have graphic novels. Oh and new Spock on the cover of the new issue of EW in my mailbox. Fangirl squee'ing could be heard on my street. lol.

:) Gonna grill come chicken for dinner.

Hello all

May. 1st, 2009 11:28 am
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So yeah, I am here too. :) I am here there everywhere.


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